Radio for Brands: Enhance Your Customer Experience

The perfect playlists for your retail store, hotel, restaurant, gym, medical clinic, or any other business where the background music makes the customers feel better and spend more.

In-store radio

Our expertly curated playlist, coupled with carefully timed ads, will promote your special offers while creating a pleasant atmosphere for your customers. Our proprietary software offers numerous options to ensure the perfect customer experience for your brand.

Hotels and resorts

Don't let your guests suffer through the same tired tracks on repeat. Our professionals will create a customized playlist, expertly tailored to your brand and audience, ensuring a delightful listening experience for your guests.


Just like your exquisite menu and interior design, your playlist should reflect the same level of quality. Let us help you create a premium sound experience that complements your culinary creations and ambiance.


Music is an essential motivator for a successful workout. Let us help you create the perfect playlist that will energize and inspire your gym-goers, encouraging them to renew their memberships.

At Media Masters, our skilled team of radio professionals has decades of experience in creating bespoke radio programming. We own a radio station, a small-scale but profitable radio brand that we use to keep a tight eye on the listening habits and industry trends, and we've helped many other businesses to start their own radio stations with the top-notch sound and music selections. From energetic and upbeat tunes for your gym to soothing melodies for your hotel's beach bar, we can deliver exactly what your business needs.

This is what you get:

Comprehensive Services for a Hassle-Free Radio Station Setup and Management

Strategic consulting

Our team will guide you to select the music format that works best for your business. We'll help you determine if you need multiple channels with different genres, find the optimal frequency of commercials to promote your offers, and carefully script and produce all the pre-recorded messages that you would eventually want to play to your audience. 

Setup and Branding

Our producers will create the top-of-the-line audio imaging and configure the playout software to ensure your station sounds amazing. We'll also prepare the streaming server for seamless operation, providing a full-scale FM radio station experience.

Full Remote Service

Our comprehensive package includes full remote management of your internal radio station. We'll set up and run it for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing. All you need to do is turn up the volume at your location.

Get started on creating your own internal radio station with Media Masters today. Contact us now to begin enhancing your customer experience with premium background music selection.