Radio Format Franchise: Apply a formula that works

Let us help you build a thriving and profitable radio station using the same strategy that has worked for our own station.

Proven business model

You're getting all the insights to our own station strategy

The results visible immediately

The audience will hear the difference the very same day

The Detailed Sales Strategy

Includes templates, ideas, guidelines and staff training

Affordable monthly payments

Experienced radio pros work for your station for a low monthly fee

Fine-tuning a radio station to make it profitable is no easy feat!

We spent countless months experimenting and researching the perfect number of tracks for our music library, as well as whether it was better to run three or four presenter slots during certain times. It was a long and tedious process, but we finally cracked the code and created the perfect schedule.

But that wasn't our only challenge. We also learned the hard way about the importance of thinking ahead and strategically approaching clients. Being a small station with every single client that counts, we lost several important advertisers before realizing the proper way to approach them with timely and attractive offers to renew their contracts and keep them satisfied. We went as far as developing our own software to ensure commercial breaks were scheduled with no back-to-back spots advertising the same business branch.

As a radio station owner, you know that the hard work never stops. But luckily for you, we've already done the heavy lifting. Our proven business model has been built and tested in a small, economically weak market. Although it's a small-scale model, it's rock solid and profitable, built on years of experience. By leveraging our expertise, you can hit the ground running and start generating profits in no time.

So why wait? Avoid years of trial and error and join our franchise format today. Let us help you succeed without all the hassle.

How it works

We'll help you to set up everything your station needs to run smoothly, then provide the continuous monitoring and remote assistance

Analysis and Strategy

We'll do an in-depth analysis of your station, personnel, market and potentials, present you the results, discuss all possible options that you have, and suggest the way to go.

Preparation and Reset

We'll provide all the help you need to get your station prepared for the soft or hard reset. Your station may need the new Audio ID, the software update and the personnel training.  

Remote Assistance

Once everything is up and running, we'll assist you to have the system running flawlessly, and to help you with all the challenges that may pop up along the way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us us today to discuss how we can work together on improving your ratings and revenues.