Community radio made easy

Start your own community radio with expert guidance from our team of radio pros.

Setup assistance

We'll help you set a station from scratch, from planning the broadcast gear to the final launch.

Staff training

We'll train your entire staff to be able to run a self-sustainable station. No previous radio experience necessary.


We'll periodically listen to your programming and provide suggestions for improvements.

Remote assistance

Our staff will be at your disposal to provide the technical or any other kind of assistance.

You have probably done your homework and found out that the community radio is recognized as a separate broadcast licensing category in your country, so you are now researching the resources on how to start a community radio. 

Basically, before you proceed any further, you should get a group of people together, and (depending on your local legislation) set up an organization that will apply for the broadcast license. In some countries, you would be required to set up a non-government organization or a legal entity known under the names such as Sovereign Citizens, or A Group of Citizens. 

As soon as the group of people is gathered, feel free to contact us to discuss the further actions and the possible collaboration. Basically, we are radio people. What probably bothers you most, is what we consider a routine task. We cannot help you with your local legislation, but when it comes to setting up a radio station from scratch, for us it's something like setting up a new ATM for a bank. We run our own station since 2011, and we've been hired to provide the assistance in launching many other stations in different countries ever since. Being a small scale station, we got used to the tight budgets. We know exactly what kind of hardware and software you absolutely need, and what's a pure luxury with the expensive bells and whistles that you can easily live without. We are aware of all the pros and cons of voice tracking vs presenters doing their shows live. We know exactly what can be done remotely, and what jobs and procedures absolutely require having someone in the studio. We'll help you choose the perfect mix of music to keep your listeners engaged, and show you the tricks how to sound good without spending millions on fancy equipment. If you decide to hire us, we will be sharing all the insights and analysis with you, so that you can concentrate on your primary mission - to be the voice of your community.

This is what you get:

All the expert guidance you need to start up and run a community radio station... and many more

Strategy assistance

Should you play ABBA, ZZ Top, Beethoven or all of them? Should you do the live shows, or pre-record everything? Can you write the scripts on your own, and what are your best options to produce the commercials? Whatever your doubt is, we'll help you make the right decision.

Shopping assistance

A broadcast equipment distributor, offering a turnkey production studio for $5000, won't tell you that a $150 USB microphone, a laptop and a couple of sound absorption panels to soundproof a room are good enough to start with the daily production tasks. We do not earn any sales commissions, so we'll help you to make the right shopping decisions.

Staff training

Typically, we start with the basics in production, promotion, programming, sales and station management. Anyone with the average computing skills can be ready for the on-air duties very quickly. We can send the trainers to your station (best results), you can send your staff to our station  (less costly), or we can do the online trainings (most affordable).

Ready to start your own community radio station? Contact us today to get started.