Affordable solutions for starting a commercial radio station

Let's make a self-sustainable and profitable radio station together

Are you looking to launch your own commercial radio station but feel overwhelmed by the technical and financial complexities? Are you concerned about the economic challenges of launching a radio station in a small or medium market, with limited resources and access to expensive consultants? Look no further - we understand your struggles and are here to help.

As a business that runs a small market radio station, we've faced and overcome the same challenges that you're experiencing right now. We know how to launch and run a self-sustainable, profitable radio station without breaking the bank. Our experience and expertise will help you avoid costly mistakes and guide you towards success.

Here's how we can help before you turn on the transmitter:

Market analisys

You may be a huge country music fan, but your radio station won't earn you any money if you're planning to run it in the small town in the Austrian Alps.

Shopping list

The broadcast equipment distributors won't tell you that a $150 USB microphone, a laptop and a free software make a very good production studio.

Staff training

You'll likely need to recruit and train the staff with zero or very little of previous broadcast experience. This is where we can help a lot.

Additional channels

We can add the optional web-only radios with music formats of your choice. This can very seriously improve your brand strength.

Once your station is up and running, we'll assist you in keeping it successful and profitable.

Remote services

We're not talking about DJ-ing, producing the commercials or or remotely hosting your afternoon drive slot, but rather the hands-on support for the specific processes that require hiring the skilled and experienced staff (such as music director, program director, sales or operations managers). Check the page Maximize your radio to see what we are offering to the existing stations.

Aircheck and analisys

Our senior staff will listen to your station, and send you the comments and suggestions what to do to improve the ratings and revenue. Optionally, we can send someone to spend a week at your station, monitor all the processes and suggest the improvements.

Remote management

Our staff is ready to remotely manage all the technical operations required to run your station. With this turn-key solution, we maintain all the playlists (music, programming, commercials), while you only need to take care about the sales and hire the presenters (unless you want to run a music-only station)

Ready to start your own radio station? Contact us today to get started.