AdMaster: the next generation of traffic & billing for radio

Built as an in-house solution, now in use by broadcasters all over the planet.

Works with your playout

You only need to select a proper output format in the settings

The perfect schedule

Intuitive, powerful, smart and algorithm-driven scheduling

Multi-station synchronization

Keep your commercial breaks in sync across multiple stations

Affordable scheduling & billing

Experience the full power of AdMaster with a generous 75% discount for the smallest stations

AdMaster is the ultimate traffic and billing tool for radio and television stations. With AdMaster, you can set up your stop sets exactly how you need them, with up to 12 highly configurable commercial breaks per hour. Our powerful algorithm works for you, automatically separating spots and optimizing their placement to provide the equally good slots to each and every advertiser, while you always have full control to make manual edits as needed.

AdMaster can be used with any broadcast automation and can run on any PC, with remote scheduling available. Quick and easy multi-station scheduling means you can run a campaign on one station or simultaneously on multiple stations, with AdMaster keeping the commercial breaks durations in sync. The Traffic log editor allows you to fine-tune your schedule and the detailed Stats and Reports keep track of all your activity. Plus, enjoy the benefits of live broadcast log reconciliation with email alerts, and the browser-based add-on to create and send the proposals, invoices and broadcast affidavits (reports).

The AdMaster Workstation provides the infrastructure for remote scheduling with a basic programmatic advertising platform and is available as a free export-only version of AdMaster.

With its user-friendly interface available in multiple languages, AdMaster is easy to use, so start today and streamline your commercial break scheduling. 

To find out more and download the free trial version, please visit the AdMaster website.